Event Schedule,March Route and Guidelines for SlutWalk DC

Hello Everyone! August 13th is near, so please check out the Event Schedule, March Route and Guidelines!

Event Schedule:

11am – Rally in Lafayette Square!
12am – Begin Marching down 15th St, NW
1pm – Speakers at the National Sylvan Theatre

  • Welcome – Dr. Ruth Neustifter
  • Stop Street Harassment – Holly Kearl
  • Sadie Healy
  • A Long Walk Home, Inc. – Dr. Salamishah Tillet
  • Defend Yourself – Lauren Taylor
  • Elina Reyes
  • Deaf Abused Women’s Network – Sasha Ponappa
  • Radio Show “One Mic Stand” – Aiyi’nah Ford
  • DC National Organization for Women – Elisabeth Crum
  • Erin Sherrange
  • Helping Individual Prostitutes Survive – Meredith Zoltick
  • Robbie Woodsum
  • Maryland District 16 – Delegate Ariana Kelly
  • Shawn Wright
  • New York Times Best Seller “If I Am Missing or Dead” – Author Janine Latus
  • Kim Cohen
  • Join the Conversation – Andrea Bredbeck
  • LTB Comedy – Luce Tomlin-Brenner

After the speakers finish there will be booths from our allies for everyone to visit with, get information, and get involved!

March Route:


  • 1.SlutWalk is not about hate, and we do not use hateful language.
  • 2.SlutWalk aims to reclaim the word “slut” and use it in a positive, empowering and respectful way.
  • 3.Refer to sexual assault, not solely rape.
  • 4.Do not frame sexual assault as something solely done by men to women.
  • 5.Women are most often the targets and men are most often the perpetrators, but all genders are affected. SlutWalk recognizes all gender expressions as those that have been and can be negatively impacted. All genders can be sluts or allies.
  • 6.Some communities/people are at a higher risk of sexual assault than others based on their status, work, ability, access, race, identity, and a variety of other factors. We aim to recognize this and come together, in all our diversity, as people who are all affected and unite as sluts and allies.
  • 7.Use inclusive and respectful language when discussing the diversity of people affected: men/women and all gender expressions, racialized communities, people of different abilities, etc.
  • 8.SlutWalk is an impassioned and peaceful stance that aims to engage others in dialogue
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